Saturday, 13 May 2017

City Limits

City Limits
1984, USA
dir. Aaron Lipstadt
cast: John Stockwell, James Earl Jones, Dawn Rae Chong

15 years from now, a deadly plague has wiped out most adults, leaving children to grow up in the ruins on their own. A young man leaves his remote desert home to journey to the city to join the Clippers, a legendary gang of scavengers. He finds a city divided between the Clippers and their rivals the DAs, who maintain an uneasy truce. However, the DAs have done a deal with an evil corporation to take over the city. However, once they realise the corporation's plan is to enslave the gangs, they join together to smash their operation.

A fun little film, which makes interesting use of pop culture detritus, such as the gang taking moral lessons from comic books. It's got an interesting political sub-text, where the street gangs reject the disaster capitalism of the Sunny Corp, who having been contracted by the government to re-establish control over the city and proletarianise the gangs into wage slaves in their factories, using deadly force if required. They realise they have a common interest and join together to overthrow the corporation and carry on with their lives of libertarian communism, with the final voice over telling how the city would now be run for the benefit of those who lived there. Not the most common message in 80s action movies, it has to be said.

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