Sunday, 7 May 2017

Ever Since The World Ended

Ever Since The World Ended
2001, USA
dir. Calum Grant & Joshua Atesh Litle
cast: James Curry, Linda Noveroske, Dan Plumlee

Ten years after a plague has killed off most of the population of the world, a film maker sets out to make a documentary to record the how the 186 people left in San Franciso are leading their lives and their various reactions to the apocalypse. They take their first trip out the city since the virus hit.
A nice little mockumentary, Ever Since The World Ended really works, mainly as most of the people depicted are believable- no cannibals, death cults or warlords, just regular folk trying to get by in the now silent world. We see surfers who have turned to a hunter-gatherers life style, a New Age commune, engineers who can recycle old technology and scavengers who search out usable goods for trade. It also throws up some interesting questions with a arsonist who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, and the community has to decide how they will deal with him. Can they rsk leaving him free or would they be justified in killing him? If not, if they imprison him, who takes responsibility for his care? It also takes in  those too young to have much of an attachment to the old world and how their attitudes differ. If you want something about more thoughtful about how people would likely react to the end of the world as we know it, this is well worth seeing.

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