Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Collapsed

The Collapsed
2011, Canada
dir. Justin McConnell
cast: John Fantasia, Steve Vieira, Anna Ross

A family flee the city in the wake of a violent breakdown of society, heading for their former home in a small rural community. Abandoning their car to avoid a confrontation with another group of survivors, they take to the woods but soon find that the other survivors are the least of their problems.

On paper, this doesn't sound particularly promising- the premise of a catastrophe that sends survivors homicidal has been done to death post 28 Days Later. However, rather than turning out to be another sub-par, low budget zombie movie, The Collapsed benefits from a real sense of unease and sense of hopelessness. The nature of the apocalypse is never made explicit, only that something terribly violent has happened, with the immediate issue of survival and finding safety taking precedence over mediation over the nature of the disaster . The acting is generally much better than you would expect, the script economical. Normally, the limited locations for low budget films works against them, but here, such an atmosphere of despair and panic is created, that it's not an issue. There's a real tension as the family are stalked through the woods, and when the nature of what they're facing is revealed it does come as a shock. An unexpected little gem of a film.

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