Saturday, 13 May 2017

Dead End Drive In

Dead-End Drive In
1986, Australia
dir. Brian Trenchard-Smith
Cast: Ned Manning, Natalie McCurry, Peter Whitford
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Following an economic collapse and break down of law and order, the government turns drive in cinemas into concentration camps for undesirables. Crabs, a young man accidentally incarcerated with his girlfriend, is determined to escape but is shocked to find out the other inmates are quite happy with their lot.
It takes a setting similar to the first Mad Max film, with an ineffectual police force struggling to combat violent road gangs and turns it into a surprisingly deft political allegory. The population of the camp are kept happy with junk food, drugs and films, preferring the security of prison to the uncertainty of the outside world, reacting violently when a group of Asians are interned in the camp as a threat to their own security. Crabs' desire for genuine freedom is met with incomprehension.
The film also functions well as a piece of trash entertainment, with plenty of car chases, weird costumes and fights. Ozploitation fans will also be tickled to spot the director's similarly themed Turkey Shoot being shown at the drive in.

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